Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is determined by PT. WALEPAY FINANSIAL TEKNOLOGI in connection with the collection, use and disclosure of personal information obtained from users of Walepay services ("Users"). This privacy policy applies to all services available in the Walepay application. You are advised to read this privacy policy of Walepay before using the services contained in the Walepay application and sending any personal information and to ensure that you understand how the personal information you provide will be used. By using this Walepay service, you agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy of Walepay (“Privacy Policy”). Following are the terms and conditions of Walepay services.


  1. Definition
  2. The information we collect
  3. Use of the information we collect
  4. Providing information we collect
  5. Information Security
  6. Policy changes
  7. Others
  8. Recognition and approval
  9. Ways to contact us



  1. "Walepay" is a payment system (platform) that is created and is in one control with PT. WALEPAY FINANSIAL TEKNOLOGI established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

  2. "Application" means a software unit that is intentionally made to meet the needs of various activities or work, such as commerce, advertising, community services, games and various other human activities.

  3. "Data" means all types of information that we collect from time to time (including when you download this application) that you submit to us / service providers through the application.


  5. "Afilation" means a form of collaboration between two institutions under the control of PT. WALEPAY FINANSIAL TEKNOLOGI.

  6. "Services" means various services offered by service providers through the Application, including but not limited to delivery or pickup for goods and / or people, personal shopping services and / or other services provided from time to time through the Application.

  7. "User" means the party registered as an Application customer to use the Services provided in the Application.

  8. "Service Provider" means the party providing Application Services.

  9. "Transaction" means all activities, activities and / or actions carried out in or through the Application.

  10. "Website" means our website at www.walepay.com or other sites that we formally develop to support the Service ecosystem.

  11. "Judgment" means the area / area where a law is applied based on the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.



  1. We collect certain personal information from you in the form of full name, e-mail, hand phone number, date of birth, identity card number / driver's license number, self photo, biological mother's name and security question. Personal Information can be provided directly or collected automatically when you use the Application.

  2. We will collect your personal data information from phone contacts which we will upload to our server in order to maximize the features of the Walepay Application.

  3. We may use your personal information, including date of birth to verify identity, and analyze patterns of application usage to improve application performance.

  4. Transactions that you make through the Walepay Application that are processed by Us. The user must provide us with accurate and non-misleading data. The user must update and notify us if there is a change in data related to you. You can access this information by logging into your account through the Walepay Application.

  5. E. When you use the Application through your mobile device / mobile device, we will track and collect geo-location information in real-time and other relevant information to support performance efficiency and application functionality. We can also use this real-time geo-location information to provide assistance, resolve technical or business difficulties that may arise when you use the Application. You can temporarily turn off geo-location tracking information on your device level. Your mobile device will notify you when your geo-location is tracked by displaying the Global Positioning System (GPS) arrow symbol.

  6. Cookies are files stored on a computer including smartphones, tablets, and wearables that the User uses. The file is created to accommodate simple data about the user's habits when using the application.

  7. Most browsers support the use of Cookies but Users can disable, reject and / or delete Cookies at any time.

  8. Use of Cookies on Walepay Websites and Applications pages can help Users remember your page search preferences, help Users use Services, manage Services, and protect your data.



  1. We use your name, telephone number, email, and PIN / password number to verify your ownership of an account, to communicate with you and to provide you with information about the Application. We can also use names, telephone numbers and emails to send messages and notifications regarding special promotions or offers for Walepay Service Users.

  2. We use geo-location to analyze application usage patterns to improve application performance.

  3. We use information such as bank names, account holder names and account numbers to process cash disbursement to users and also to ensure acceptance by the parties concerned for funds transacted through the system.

  4. We use your personal information as a whole to analyze usage patterns in the Walepay Application. You hereby agree that your Data will be used by our internal Data processing system to ensure the best functionality in the Walepay Application for you.



  1. If you are a User, we will provide information such as your bank name and account number in the Walepay Application in order to facilitate the process of withdrawing money into the User's bank account.

  2. If you are a Service Provider, then when Walepay Service Users want to transact in the store, the Service Provider can view data such as the name and telephone number of the User used to verify User one with other Users.

  3. You hereby agree and authorize Us to provide your Personal Information to the Service Provider (if you are a User) or User (If you are a Service Provider) as part of the terms of use. Your Personal Information will be automatically deleted after the Service transaction is fulfilled / successful. However, there is a possibility that Service Providers / Users (as relevant) can store your Data on their devices in any way. Communication between the User and the Service Provider carried out outside the Application (such as phone, sending short messages, or other communication features outside the Walepay Application and / or its Affiliation) can also be stored on the device concerned. We are not responsible for the storage of Data in these ways and on this basis the User agrees to defend, provide compensation and release us from all liability for any misuse of the User's Personal Information by the Service Provider / User (as relevant) after the end of the Service given.

  4. We can employ or cooperate with third party companies and individuals to facilitate or provide assistance in developing certain applications and services for and / or on our behalf, for, among others: providing consumer assistance; provide geo-location information; carry out services related to the Website (including but not limited to maintenance services, database management, web analytics and improvement of Website features); help us in analyzing how applications and services are used and how they are developed; or to assist our professional advisers and external auditors, including legal advisors, financial advisers, and consultants. These third parties only have access to your Personal Information to carry out these tasks for and / or on our behalf and are contractually bound not to disclose or use the Personal Information for any other purpose.

  5. We do not share your Personal Information with any party other than the Service Provider (if you are a Customer) or the Customer (if you are a Service Provider) and the third party mentioned in paragraph above, without your consent. However, We will disclose your Personal Information as long as it is legally required, or is required to comply with the provisions of the legislation, government institutions, or in the event of a dispute, or any form of legal process between you and Us, or between you and other users in connection with, or related to the Service, or in an emergency related to your health and / or safety.

  6. We do not sell or rent your Personal Information to third parties.



Data confidentiality and your Personal Information are the most important things for us. We will apply the best efforts and steps to protect and secure your data and Personal Information. However, we cannot fully guarantee that our system will not be penetrated at all due to viruses, malware, interference or extraordinary events including unauthorized access by third parties. You may not disclose your account password to anyone and must always maintain the security of the device you are using.



We can change this privacy policy to indicate changes in our activities. If we change this Privacy Policy, we will notify Users via electronic mail (E-mail) or by displaying on the Website page no later than 1 (one) day before the Policy changes take effect. We encourage all Service Users to periodically review this Privacy Policy page to find out the latest information and how we apply this Privacy Policy.



  1. This Privacy Policy is governed and interpreted according to the laws of the Republic of Indonesia. Each and all disputes arising from this Privacy Policy will be governed by exclusive Judgment from the West Jakarta District Court.

  2. This Privacy Policy was created by us in 2 (two) languages, namely Indonesian and English. If there is a discrepancy between the two versions of the Language, the Indonesian version will apply.



By using this Application, the User acknowledges that he has read and understood the contents of this Privacy Policy. The User agrees and agrees to the use and processing of User's Personal Information by Us as stated in this Privacy Policy.



If you have further questions regarding this Privacy Policy or want to add / delete your data, please send us an e-mail at: cs@walepay.com; call us at: (021) 565-8353 or (021) 565-8363; or to our address at:



Walepay HQ

Wisma Lumbini, Lt. 4

Jl. Tomang Raya No. 53, Tomang, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta City

Jakarta Special Capital Region 11440