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How to Top-Up Using Walepay Digital Wallet

Mon, Mar 30 2020

There are many digital wallet providers as a substitute for cash payments. Walepay is one of several digital wallet services that can be used by people in Indonesia. On this occasion, I will explain how to top-up using a Walepay digital wallet.

Here’s how to buy credit using Walepay’s digital wallet:

  1. Open the Walepay application, then select the ‘Pulsa’ button
  2. Next, you will be taken to the top-up page. On that page, please enter a cellphone number that you want to fill in the cellphone number field provided. Then please select the nominal credit you want to fill in, then you will automatically be taken to the payment page. For example, I chose a refill with a nominal value of 10.000
  3. On the payment page, the price of the credit to be purchased will appear and also the total price to be paid. Then please select the ‘Continue’ button.
  4. Enter your pin number
  5. The Payment Status page will appear. If successful, a status will appear that the credit purchase has been successful.

I hope it helps and is useful!