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How to Register Walepay

Fri, Mar 27 2020

Technological developments, especially in the field of Fintech, really provide many benefits, starting from many companies competing to create applications as a solution for all financial activities.

Walepay application is present in the community as a payment method that is safe, fast and easy. The Walepay application can be accessed using technology based on Android and iOS. Users simply download via a smartphone and do the registration process which is quite easy and friendly to the user.

To be able to enjoy Walepay services, of course, what you have to do is to register your Walepay account first, the easy way please download and install it first on the Google Play Store and App Store. Then open the Walepay application and follow the steps below:

  1. Select the register menu on the main page of the Walepay application
  2. Enter the telephone number used for the verification process
  3. Next enter the OTP code that has been sent by SMS to the number that was registered at the beginning
  4. Set the user PIN code for security requirements for using the Walepay application
  5. Re-verify the PIN entered earlier
  6. Enter the personal data of the Walepay application user
  7. Advanced verification by answering security questions so as to increase user security in transactions on the Walepay application

After passing the registration process, users can use the features in the Walepay application to process transactions and purchase other products.