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How to Check and Pay Electricity Bill on Walepay

Tue, Mar 31 2020

The presence of Walepay digital products has made it easier for users to fill in electricity tokens, pay bills, and purchase credit and data packages, as well as other needs.

Walepay has transformed more fully, with digital products, one of which is the postpaid and prepaid PLN bill payment menu. With the convenience of checking electricity bills and paying bills, there should be no more people who are late paying bills.

Unless you forget, you don’t have money, or you have no intention of paying hahaha. Here’s how!

  1. Open the Walepay application. On the main page, select the ‘PLN’ button
  2. Select the Prepaid (Electricity Token)/Postpaid option, then enter the meter number or PLN Customer ID
  3. After that, if you choose Prepaid, select the amount (for example 50.000) of the electricity token you want to buy. Then select ‘Buy Now’. If you choose Postpaid, enter the meter/PLN Customer ID number, and after that, the bill amount will appear, then select ‘Pay Now’.

Please note that purchasing Prepaid token/Postpaid purchases are not available between the hours of 23:00 until 01:00 WIB

Thus, the information that we can convey to you, hopefully, can be useful!