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Have a lot of Walepay balance, just use the Withdraw feature

Thu, Mar 26 2020

Currently, the cashless payment method is increasingly popular, because it makes it easy for users to make transactions anywhere and anytime.

One that is quite popular among others is Walepay. Users can simply top-up the balance and all payments are made in cashless.

Walepay account in addition to being used for transactions can also be used to send balances to other people’s accounts. A Walepay balance can also be withdrawn to a personal account. Balance can only be withdrawn if the user’s Walepay account is premium or Walepay+.

Here’s how You can withdraw your Walepay balance to the registered bank account(s) using the Walepay app. Before using Withdraw feature, please make sure things below:

  1. You have upgraded to Walepay+ account (link)
  2. Your bank account registered correctly.

How to register your bank account in Walepay correctly:

  1. Choose to Withdraw on Walepay home menu
  2. Choose your Bank Name
  3. Enter Bank Account Name (account holder name) as written on Passbook (you can only use alphabets, space, and dot in a bank account name)
  4. Enter Bank Account Number as written on Passbook
  5. And click Save

Register check. What’s next?

If you have registered your bank account, you can follow these steps to withdraw your Walepay balance:

  1. Choose to Withdraw on Walepay home menu
  2. Enter the amount you would like to withdraw
  3. Choose the bank account you want to transfer the money
  4. Please make sure your transaction details then click ‘Process’
  5. Enter your Walepay PIN
  6. Your withdraw will be processed


  • Minimum withdraw Walepay balance: RP10.000
  • Every withdraws transaction will be NOT charged
  • Any withdrawal request will be processed on the same day
  • You will get a notification or check the Inbox menu on the Walepay app to see your transaction status (Successful or Failed.