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What is Walepay?

Mon, Dec 9 2019

With over 2,71 BILLION smartphones existing in the world today, the market is ready for a truly mobile-only transaction. This campaign has been going rapidly followed by now called ‘cashless society’.

The Phenomenon

Nowadays, most consumers in urban areas are now accustomed to using digital wallets. The habit of non-cash or cashless also began to be implemented to consumers in rural and small or medium scale businesses.

The campaign for a non-cash transaction or cashless society has been supported by the government and Bank Indonesia began to fruitless. Most people are getting used to e-money, especially with the rise of payments using barcodes or QR payments.

What is Walepay?

Walepay is an electronic wallet that uses QR Code technology as payment & financial transactions. This app is available for Android™ on Google Play and in the App Store for iOS™

Why Walepay?

Because you can use Walepay for:

Transaction in Walepay app: Your balance can be used for paying cellphone credit, electricity bills, water bills, BPJS, hotels and flights booking, education tuition, game voucher, and other bills (TV cable, internet, Gas PGN, E-Money Center).

In-Store Payment: Use Walepay as a payment method for every purchase at Walepay merchant by using ‘Scan QR’.

Other Transactions: Upgrade your Walepay account to Walepay+ so you can transfer your Walepay credit to other Walepay users and you can also withdraw your Walepay credit through your bank account.


The purpose of Walepay is ensuring secure transactions for businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals. Walepay strongly believes that safety, faster, and easier is something that we need in the era of technologies and innovation.