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Tue, Mar 24 2020

The National Cashless Movement and Walepay

What’s in your wallet now? Cash, credit cards? Or emm… bills?

The rapid development of technology, information, and communication has presented another way in making payments, cash is no longer the only choice because there are electronic or cashless payment methods.

Bank Indonesia officially launched the Cashless National Movement (GNNT) aimed at raising awareness among the public, business people, and government institutions to use cashless payment instruments.

Furthermore, cashless transactions are also more transparent and accountable because each transaction is recorded and tracked.

In order to support the program and grow the benefits of a digital society, Walepay has created a payment getaway platform.

Walepay is an online payment gateway focused on serving the Indonesian e-commerce market. Simply put, they give e-commerce companies the ability to accept payments online. Services include credit cards, bank transfers, internet banking, Indomaret, e-wallet, or other payment methods.

In addition, Walepay is constantly working to enhance user’s privacy and security – from a fully digitized user identity verification system to PIN verification on every Walepay transaction.

Curious to see more cool features from Walepay in the near future? Stay tuned!