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Cara mendaftar menjadi mitra Walepay

Mon, Jun 15 2020

Teruntuk Mitra Driver,

Walepay saat ini menyediakan layanan pesan antar makanan yang tersedia di seluruh kota di Indonesia. Saat ini kami memiliki 2 layanan utama, yaitu Jaj...

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Terbaru! Pesan Makanan Kesukaan Pakai Fitur Jajan! di Walepay

Fri, Apr 3 2020

Halo! Mengawali tahun 2020, Walepay menghadirkan fitur terbaru Jajan!Sekarang, kamu bisa dengan gampang memesan makanan kesukaan tanpa ribet antri dan tungg...

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How to Check and Pay Electricity Bill on Walepay

Tue, Mar 31 2020

The presence of Walepay digital products has made it easier for users to fill in electricity tokens, pay bills, and purchase credit and data packages, as well as other needs.

Walepay has tra...

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How to Top-Up Using Walepay Digital Wallet

Mon, Mar 30 2020

There are many digital wallet providers as a substitute for cash payments. Walepay is one of several digital wallet services that can be used by people in Indonesia. On this occasion, I will explain h...

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How to Register Walepay

Fri, Mar 27 2020

Technological developments, especially in the field of Fintech, really provide many benefits, starting from many companies competing to create applications as a solution for all financial activities.<...

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Have a lot of Walepay balance, just use the Withdraw feature

Thu, Mar 26 2020

Currently, the cashless payment method is increasingly popular, because it makes it easy for users to make transactions anywhere and anytime.

One that is quite popular among others is Walepa...

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Transfer Money with Walepay+

Tue, Mar 24 2020

Walepay services are divided into two parts, first Walepay Regular and Walepay+. Walepay Regular can be said to be a regular user who cannot use all the features in t...

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You tried your best, but you don’t succeed (or haven’t received my top-up credit)

Tue, Mar 24 2020

Once your mobile top-up transaction is successful, the amount is credited immediately to the receiving mobile phone number.

Occasionally there may be a delay in the system thus the purchase ...

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Easier Payments with Walepay

Tue, Mar 24 2020

The National Cashless Movement and Walepay

What’s in your wallet now? Cash, credit cards? Or emm… bills?

The rapid development of technology, informat...

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What is Walepay?

Mon, Dec 9 2019

With over 2,71 BILLION smartphones existing in the world today, the market is ready for a truly mobile-only transaction. This campaign has been going rapidly followed by now called ‘cash...

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